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We are a consulting firm; service providers in the field of Citizenship & Immigration International, doing business in several regions of the world whose head office is in Montreal.

In order to maximize the chances of success, we work with a team of professionals. We develop strategies,. We have extensive training in this area and know all the steps to follow. In addition, to simplify the task for you, we take care of all the administrative procedures with the various levels of government.

We also offer a complete service that even covers the forms to be completed, the documents to be provided and we do the necessary follow-up in order to obtain the desired results as soon as possible while meeting your needs.


Antigua and Barbuda Investment Citizenship Program

The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Citizenship Program allows you to obtain citizenship and passport within approximately 4 to 7 months.

The Antigua and Barbuda passport gives you visa-free access to more than 130 countries. Including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and the European Union.

Immigrant Investor Program in Quebec

– The candidate must have at least 2 years of business management experience.
– Pass the French test (according to the current requirement)
– Make a 5-year investment (depending on the current requirement)
– Signed an agreement with a financial intermediary accredited by the government.

Study in Canada as an international student

– The candidate must have been accepted into an educational institution
– Have a study permit
– The candidate must not have a criminal record
– Financial capacity to pay all tuition and living expenses

Sponsor a family member in Canada

This program allows you to sponsor your spouse, minor children, parents and grandparents.